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education and the contacted bashar. two years almost to the day later the ambassador to the united states called me up and was also a friend and also an academic. dean of computer science at damascus university prior to becoming ambassador. he said, it's on. and i had forgotten about this whole thing. and i said, what's on? and the set to well, the president wants to meet with you and so common with him in may and june of that year extensively, it's viewed his wife and many other syrian officials. >> what was the first meeting like? >> well, after the pleasantries in after i explained why i wanted to do this my first substantive sentence to him was, mr. president, you know i'm not an apologist for syria. of writing this book on you, and of going to criticize you. and he said, that's fine. i know you will criticize me. i know that because i'm not perfect and in the past you criticize my father's policy, but you're always fair and objective. then i told him, one of the worst things you never did. >> what's that? >> you let it be known the like phil collins music, the rock star from england.
what is happening to the promise of the arabs spring and what does this mean for the united states? i certainly think it is important to ask these questions and to seek answers as you are doing today. let me on a personal note start with what happened in benghazi. no one wants to find out exactly what happened more than i do. i have appointed an accountability review board that has already started examining whether our security procedures were appropriate, whether they were properly implemented and what lessons we can and must learn for the future. we are working as thoroughly and expeditiously as possible, knowing that we cannot afford to sacrifice accuracy to speed and of course our government is sparing no effort tracking down the terrorists who perpetrated this attack. and we are focused as we must on what needs to be done to protect our people and our facilities. we had another terrible attack yesterday. i strongly condemn the killing of a long time yemeni employee at our embassy. we are working with yemeni authorities to investigate this and bring those responsible to justice as
have ever served with in all my years in the united states senate and one of the people who, when you say his name in washington, when you say his name here i'm sure, when you say the name her call, you say integrity -- the name herb cole, you say integrity. [applause] your presence will be missed, particularly by me. we served together for a long time on the same committees. whenever i was not quite sure of what i was doing, i would pull him aside or go see him -- no, seriously, this man has a lot of wisdom. i will miss you, herb. [applause] my name is joe biden. i am deal by in -- i am jill biden's has been geared that is how i am known in washington -- husband. biden's that is how i am known in washington. last night, we had a little bit of a debate with a gentleman. and he is a gentleman. the demand from wisconsin, congressman ryan -- [booing] i hardly agree with anything he says, but i think he is a decent guy and he has a great family and he is a great husband and father. for that, i have great respect for him. [applause] but you know, anybody who watched the debate, i don't thi
, reporting on the largest manhunt in modern california history. booktv visits the united states naval academy. politics, history, and war will be covered. visit for a complete schedule of this week's programming and watch as all become weekend long on c-span2 and a up next, dakota meyer talks about the battle in afghanistan and his efforts to rescue soldiers that were ambushed by taliban forces. dakota meyer became the first living marine to receive the medal of honor since the vietnam war. this is about 45 minutes. >> i would like to welcome everybody. this is my official welcome. we are honored to have you here today. we are part of an elite club of authors. there are many that are active here in the american legion post the other thing i want to mention is each of you have a card that looks something like this. several years ago, we began a program called support the troops. the weather was books or dvds or even ipods, batteries, some of the things that they let us know that they needed, and we collected a few boxes and sent them to the troops. each year it has gotte
that if the republicans take over control of the united states senate, they have made it clear that in order to pay for the tax cuts for the richest americans, they will make cuts elsewhere. what is the only proposal on the table? more than half a trillion dollars in cuts in education, basic infrastructure, and research. to have a good, federal partner in washington, we have to make funding education a priority. >> this question goes to elizabeth warren. can you tell us where you would look first and last? can you identify two federal programs that can be cut, and two he would work hard to protect? >> you are exactly right. we will have to take a balanced approach. i would be clear in terms of cutting the agricultural subsidy programs. it is time to cut in our military budget. we are winding out of one war. we can realign our priorities. on the other hand, i want to make clear i will not go to washington to cut medicare or social security benefits. [applause] when we talk about a balanced approach, we need to be talking about spending cuts and we need to be talking about increasing revenues. it tak
ago you told the "desert sun" that it was in our best interest that the united states remain in both iraq and afghanistan. last months you told the veterans that if president obama couldn't outline a clear and concise explanation of why troops remain in afghanistan, then the u.s. should "get the hell out." what prompted such a change in perspective, and if the u.s. pulled out immediately, how do you address concern that the enemy will fill the void? >> let me go back to a little bit more thorough reporting than that. and the article is there. but what i did say is as long as president obama cannot articulate to the american people why we are there and what we are doing, but allowing our troops to flounder because he feels comfortable because he has given a timeline for withdrawal, that troubles me greatly. under this presidential leadership, yes, i am concerned about our troops being deployed in afghanistan, absolutely. but you know what else troubles me about this timeline of president obama's, which is an arbitrary political timeline? he didn't get that from the generals, he got it
of the united states, alan, i would order the secretary of the treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in america and renegotiate at the new value of those homes, at the diminished value of those homes and let people be able to make those payments and stay in their homes. is it expensive? yes. but we all know, my friends, until we stabilize home values in america, we're never going to start turning around and creating jobs and fixing our economy. and we've got to give some trust and confidence back to america. i know how the do that, my friends. and it's my proposal. it's not senator obama's proposal, it's not president bush's proposal. but i know how to get america working again, restore our economy and take care of working americans. thank you. >> senator, we have one minute for a discussion here. obviously, the powers of the treasury secretary have been greatly expanded. the most powerful officer in the cabinet now. hank paulson says he won't stay on. who do you have in mind to appoint to that very important post? senator mccain? >> not you, tom. >> no, with good reason. >
. that was the recommendation in the oval office to the president of united states of america. i sat there. i am sure you will find someone who disagrees with the pentagon. i am positive you will find that within the military. that is not the case here. host: does one of the several clips we will show you during the first 45 minutes. but your thoughts on the roles of the moderator. let us start with a tweet. he says -- in both debates but moderators acted as a big lead democrats are good and republicans can sometimes be good, maybe. here is a call on the democrat's line. from texas, arleen. caller: the first one was not so good. the lady thursday night i think was good, but she was more on foreign policy -- i wished there would have been more on the economy and jobs. that is what you are looking for? caller: yes. and i think joe biden did a great job. host: what about martha raddatz 's style? caller: they did not go overboard. like the first debate. she kind of maintained it very well. host: on our line for republicans, walter, from indiana. caller: good morning. i do not know what the first color was wa
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lady of the united states and more recently as a united states senator from the state of new york. she not only has the highest approval rating of any member of the u.s. cabinet, she has as well topped the gallup poll for 16 years as the most admired woman in the world, besting the previous record of eleanor roosevelt who held the title for only 13 years. as america continues to engage in north africa, we are extremely fortunate to be served by a public servant who is engaged in these challenges day in and day out, who cares deeply about the issues and how they affect americans interest and who believes in an even brighter future for the people of the middle east. please join me in welcoming the secretary of state, the honorable hillary rodham clinton. [applause] >> thank you. [applause] thank you all. thank you very much, and a special word of thanks to a friend and someone whom i admire greatly, general scowcroft. his many years of distinguished service to our country is a great tribute in every aspect -- in every respect. thanks also to john alterman john alterman and csis for hosti
and that is strengthening the economic storm that's headed over from europe to the united states shores. this week, the international monetary fund cut its forecast for global growth for both this year and next year. that's the world economy and the u.s. economy. the imf cited two reasons things could get worse, first if european lead s fail to support their ailing economies and second if leaders here in the united states let us plunge over the fiscal cliff. the imf sister organization, the world bank citing the same two factors, cut its growth forecast for asia this week as well. now, that's for the next couple of years. where are we going to be in 2016, four years from now, when we're discussing the next u.s. election? that depends on which of these two roads america takes on election day. i'll take you down both paths on this show starting with what 2016 will look like under a president mitt romney. start with jobs. he says 12 million jobs will be created in the next four years. as i keep telling you, that claim it ridiculous, considering the sluggish growth we're seeing right now and the new d
to the united states of america. i was tired of losing jobs to china. now we have a car and we have a project to put these cars all over the world. denmark has made a major purchase. dominoes has made a major purchase. we have our military who will give them these mini cars to get to the base every day. >> gavin: what about the cars that are rolling out. >> much cheaper. it's bigger than a smart car. it's a electric smart car. you plug it in at home in your home outlet, which helps a lot. we're called mini v. you don't take them opposite the highways. i drive it every day and back three miles, it's perfect for that. >> gavin: what do you think that electric cars have not scaled. we have been talking about electric cars. they shuttered the technology. we've seen our foreign competitors, we're playing a little catch-up in the united states. why hasn't the electrical taken off. >> i think it's the cost. 80% of the cost of my car is the lithium battery. every year they're cheaper more powerful and condensed. it's a beautiful car, but it was $100,000. a lot of people say, well, i would love to do
the election. "hannity" starts right here, right now. tonight, the former vice-president of the united states, dick cheney is giving us his exclusive reaction to the debate. first, a recap of the faceoff between crazy uncle joe biden and congressman paul ryan. without question, the headline was biden's downright bizarre, strange, bewildering behavior. for nearly 90 minutes he was either uncontrollably laughing or rudely interrupting his opponent. not even the benghazi terror attack or the nuclear weapons program were enough to prevent these bizarre outbursts. >> it is never too early to speak out for our values. they keep misquoting him. but let me tell you about the mitt romney i know. don't raise taxes on small businesses because they are our job creators. >> vice-president biden. >> incredible. >> look, you both saw benjamin netanyahu hold up that picture of a bomb with the red line i. thank heavens we have the sanctions in place. it is in spite of their opposition. they have given 20 waivers to this sanction. all i have to point to are the results. they're four years closer toward a nucle
as an attack by the soviet union on the united states. .. >> thank you, and good evening to all of you. i have to say that i feel as if i know you through reading your books we met thank you. >> you have given me and many people a tremendous pleasure, i think as one critic said, your books are like being able to get lost in a wonderful story. i appreciate what you so much. >> thank you. >> something to undertake -- something like this to undertake a century trilogy, i learned today on the "cbs news sunday morning", do you, too, are you involving journalism? >> yes, i was first involved with my hometown newspaper and i worked for the london paper and evening news. >> my car broke down and i cannot afford to get it fixed. and i went to the bank. i needed 200 pounds. i asked the bank for a loan and they said no. a colleague on the newspaper had written this throughout. and, of course, they asked how much money did you get? and he got 200 pounds. [laughter] >> i went home that day and i was married to my first wife, mary, and i said i know know how i will get our car back. i'm going to write a th
of the united states senate? what be honest. -- let's be hoenst. this is not the republican party of our parents are grandparents. linda mcmahon, a republican majority in the senate who would stop at nothing to it and a woman's right to choose. it would stop at nothing to destroy environmental protection, a party that now denies global warming even exist. a party that would seek to perpetuate another round of massive tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class. boaters are deciding between linda mcmahon and myself but they are also deciding whether the tea party should be in charge of the united states senate or democrats. i think both are relevant considerations but there are national implications to this race. and the kind people that linda mcmahon would empower do not have connecticut postal interests at heart. >> congressman murphy still tries to put me into a corner but he knows that is not my plan. i am an independent thinker. he knows i differ from my party on various issues. i will be an independent thinker in washington. i will not vote for my party 98% of the time. i br
wonder why that is? >> they don't want to involved in this. united states don't want to get involve in these things right now, and so turkey, with turkey's strong response, it's really trying to then draw, lay the tracks for the syria, and then hire civilians, and then say look what's going on to the western powers. turkey's in a bad dilemma right now. i would not want to be there at this point in time. >> [inaudible] >> just what -- i don't know, i have not seen the areas. what i read, you know, it's been burned, damage to the -- a beautiful place when i visited there, and everybody that loves syria, you know, loves the middle east, islamic monuments and whatever, we cry every day about what happened. we grieve. >> yes mapp in the front. >> thank you. mark from george mason university. thanks for the conversation. i'm intrigued by the suggestion that a solution could be allowing the regime to retreat to the all white heartland on the coast. i'd like to press you on how we could insent vise them to do it. it's like you're offering a carrot, but in this situation, a stick has to be a
that we are very close to the united states which is clearly an advantage, but also we are investing a lot of infrastructure and in a very important thing, charlie, which is human capital. we have built in this six years 140 new universities from greenfields, public and free tuition universities. and we add there are like 113,000 new engineers graduating every year in mexico so today there are more engineers every year than in germany or u.k. or canada or brazil. and with that, a lot of companies, american and global companies are realizing that mexico is very, very competitive in manufacturing, for instance. even vis-a-vis china. >> rose: ed thing we read about are two big issues, one is narco terrorism. what is it going to take to win that battle? the second is immigration. >> well first a lot of courage, because otherwise it is impossible to deal with that. and you need to have the principals that no one nation could prosper without rule of law. because that is exactly our main focus, in the sense that we are not prosecuting drugs by drugs themselves. we are looking for rule of law in m
expand? interestingly moscone is probably the most successful convention center in the united states. it's not the largest. but persquare foot, it's the most utilized. per square foot it generated the most hotel nights and most revenue of any convention center in the united states. so it's very significant in terms of economic impact. it's basically full-year round. a lost our groups are outgrowing it and need more space in order to stay in town and this benefits not only the tourist sector, but the business sector. it's no coincide that the apple 5 was unveiled there this week or oracle is having their meeting next week. it's the best way to generate more business. the economic impact of the center is significant. we have calculated that we have lost $2 billion in spending because the building is not big enough and people have left. people that want to meet in san francisco or come back over a regular cycle are not able to meet here because it's too small. so we have to expand and once we do, it will create jobs, revenue and taxes for the city. we have a whole expansion team. it's' p
in the united states economy if we go over the fiscal cliff. new numbers saying up to 5% contraction. that would wipe out 1 panth% gdp growth and contract the u.s. economy by 3% more. meaning $807 billion ticking out of the u.s. economy pretty much immediately. he is saying that yes, the markets are not pricing in at correction. they're not pricing in, the u.s. going over the fiscal cliff. they are expecting 11th hour rescue. the federal reserve is printing money and easing the way. he said it would undo the monetary money printing right now. we have to walk out for this. jittery market for next quarter. >> neil: this is why we call you wicked smart. all right. thank you very much. >> sure. >> neil: she is the "b" in fbn, the brains of fox business network. to put what she said in perspective, they try to talk about getting behind the market and mba soothsayers and the harvard educated and wharton, you know, endowed brainiacs and what makes them tick. fear and greed makes them tick. they are afraid right now. they are afraid. they are going to take the money off the table because they're afraid
way possible, but i that i am grateful to live in the united states of america. just sheer gratitude for the sacrifices of my forebears. gratitude for the opportunity to this that this country affords great gratitude to the men and women who serve the flag in the military probably an gratitude for being a part of this amazing and the noble experiment in democracy. look, liberals hate that. american to them is just okay. not good and not great, and certainly not exceptional. just okay. about as okay as sweden, but not as okay as france. when i walked out of the store or copy shop, i have to admit to myself that i chuckle a little bit because i can hear them behind me trying to figure it out. conservative women, not the ladies. [laughter] [applause] you know, if i ruling was an olympic sport, liberals would win the gold medal every time. to see some truly elaborate eye rolling, just drop the following words into your conversation. i was thinking about something sir palen said the other day. stand back and let the huffing and puffing and sighing and moaning begin. it could be something
in the united states, all adults in the united states know their hiv status. so in my mind, any mechanicism by which we can have people get tested, motivate themselves to buy the testing, it is a good idea. >> and i think, should it really be everybody? what is it going to do for them? but let me just show you quickly what is available on line now in more than 30,000 stores. cost about $30, you basically use a swab to your upper and lower gums, place it into a solution, and 20 minutes later you get a response like a pregnancy test, one shows up later, one for negative, one for positive. sounds pretty simple. but doctor, when people get tested it can obviously be a very monumental moment. and having support systems around to possibly deal with this new diagnosis, what about that if you're doing this at home? >> right, so that is an excellent question, i will tell you that ora sure has provided a contact line for support services for anybody who may have taken the test by themselves. i think many of the people who are going to purchase the test are people who want to take control and responsi
, president kennedy pledged the united states would not invade cuba and would withdraw its medium-range nuclear missiles from turkey. it appeared the moment of danger had passed. but new documents shortly to be published from the archives of christoph's deputy during the crisis tell a different story. this woman describes the contents. >> what these declassified documents show is the cuban missile crisis it entered a new stage of crisis. we know now the soviet union delivered not only strategic missiles to cuba, medium-range missiles to cuba, but also over 100 tactical nuclear weapons. and these weapons were not covered by the agreements between kennedy and khrushchev. >> the agreement between washington and moscow came after the most critical day of the crisis, known as black saturday. >> black saturday, october 27, was the peak of the crisis. both kennedy and khrushchev felled the situation -- felt the situation was slipping out of control and they had to do something to end the crisis. one that -- one u2 was shot down. in the caribbean, the u.s. was trying to bring out soviet s
can't blame the president of the united states for what is happening in -- in syria. so somehow or another they are trying to take this one incident, where a group that had as much ties to al-qaeda as your local gas station does to bp headquarterers. so this is al-qaeda. no. they want to understood mine the narrative that obama has gotten the key leadership of al-qaeda. but they are not a threat to the united states anymore. they are local groups. >> jennifer: so fascinating. thank you so much for enlightening us as to what really happened. >> thank you very much for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. we already have a shrine to mitt's flips inside of "the war room." i think we have to build a barrel. so how is ryan's malarkey? we'll get our shovels next right here in "the war room." presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> was this the game changer? is this going to change the dynamic? (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct. >> look these guys haven't
congressman ryan pick up that glass a lot what we saw of the vice president of the united states laughing, smiling. ryan is talking, laughing, smiling and these are different instances in the laughing, smiling, shaking his head. what does this tell you that joe biden was doing? >> well, different people are going to interpret this differently. certainly, it comes across as dismissive. joe biden has some of the most authentic nonverbals. comes across as very real. it's both a blessing and a curse. >> what he's doing here with his hands. what is this all about? >> this is interesting because he's smiling, but what he's doing with his hands where he's pulling them up close to his face and acatually touching his face is something that you do when you're feeling a little bit threatened and you're protecting yourself. >> you're telling me, amy, paul ryan raises his eyebrows a lot and tell me what you mean. >> see, his eyebrows are raised and his brow is furrowed and his eyes are wide and all of that indicates surprise. this is the facial expression that is universally associated with surprise a
. give me a second on this. ve a president of the united states, majority leader in thenate senate. i'll get to the speaker in a second. the two men are incapable of fiscal responsibility. no budget, no self-control, no answers. committed sadist. republican speaker of the house that became speaker thanks to tea party movement and he is sold school. neo statist republican. no leadership there. we need new people in all three positions. that's the start. economically, they had a great guest on now. and the answers are not complicated. difficult to implement but we know what the answers are. they start with the word called "capitalism." rather than trashing capitalism constantly, whether it's class warfare, profit, the rich, that or that, one industry or another we should be embracing it and unleashing it. all this talk about the bush tax cuts do you realize we have not had an income tax rate cut in ten years? in ten years. look at the tax cuts, what tax cuts? they're talk about taking a status quo, tax rate that exist today, increasing the higher rates on people who earn more money. mil
" elizabeth palmer, islamabad. >>> the head of al qaeda is calling for a holy war against the united states. in an audio message posted on the internet this morning, ayman al zawahiri praised those who stormed the embassy last month and calls for more protests. he called the demonstrators honest and zealous. >> deadly meningitis outbreak has prompted calls for tougher oversight of the pharmaceutical industry. at least 184 people in 12 states have now been sickened. 14 have died. tennessee is the hardest hit state with at least 50 cases reported. the source of the outbreak is contaminated steroid shots made to treat back pain. >>> the space shuttle endeavor is on the move been. it's on a flat bed truck moving at 2 miles per hour through the streets of l.a. from los angeles international airport. not hard to imagine going 2 miles per hour. the journey was delayed when power lines had to be taken down to accommodate the sheer size of the spacecraft. it's expected to reach the museuming tonight. >> most people go 2 miles per hour. >> baseball is down to its final four. st. louis. cardinals comp
-president of the united states, paul ryan. >> [cheers and applause] thank you. how are you doing? look at that. o-h >>> i-o. >> i love that. it is fun. i just saw in miami sweat shirt. i spent three years there. it is great to see that. i have my lucky buckeye with me. he had this in his pocket throughout the entire campaign in 2010. he said it brought him great luck and a victory in ohio. you will help us. this will bring us the victory in ohio. [applause] lancaster, thank you for having us. you have a huge choice to make. we have the big trees to make. -- we have a big choice to make. i think we saw a sign of it last night just like we saw a week ago. they are offering no new ideas. the president is simply saying more on the same. hope and change has become attack and blame. when he was running for president carter years ago, barack obama gave a huge speech. he said if you do not have fresh ideas, use still tactics to scare voters. if you do not have a record to run on, if you pay your opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. ladies and gentlemen, that is
of the unite the states senate. this week we go to ohio where an iraq war veteran and josh mendel is taking on the democrat, brown. brown has the edge but both sides are spending big in the runup to november sixth, make particular one of the most expensive senate races of the cycle. bill, you've written a column about this race. who has the edge? you read the papers, you think sherrodd brown has the edge. he's smart, working class, a about good politician, but what i hear in ohio, not from the mandel campaign, i think mandel might squeak it out. you would never get that that impression from reading the story. >> what is he running on? >> he's running on the economy. a lot of people are comparing him to romney. and certainly if romney gets a good turnout, that will help him. but some say it might be better to look at the ohio legislature where the republicans have control and they may be picking up more speed and mandel is kind of running on that same philosophy there. >> i know sherrod brown a little bit. he is a sparring partner and calls me on the phone and takes us to task sometimes. he'
. in the debate prep, is it too much to ask that the vice president of the united states actually be briefed on what has happened in the past month after the ambassador was killed and the front page of every national newspaper? >> bob: he should have been briefed. however, it's clear to me that there is no way vice president or president of the united states would know about request for security. every embassy in world was asking for more security. the republicans cut security around the embassies. >> dana: so embassy in poland asked for more security? >> bob: yeah. everybody was. >> brian: did you know that the answer -- i blame paul ryan for this, too. the day before it was asked, it was asked a question to lamb. funding have anything to do with the reason -- >> dana: can we play that? we have that. a charge made by the vice president last night. then made today by the president's press secretary. then he tried to walk it back. it turns out not true. listen to charlene lamb. >> it has been suggested that the budget cuts were responsible for lack of security in benghazi. i'd like to ask mis
not include free form debating. unlike, in the united states senate, they actually have real debates on the floor, and things go back and forth without moderators, but in the house it's this soviet institution where one side never really has to talk to the other side or or take any real challenges. >> also, i think ryan did for ryan a fairly good job. i thought he got his points in. i thought he stood up and if you agreed with him you probably thought he won the debate. the problem was joe biden is a really good debatetor. he's been a six-term senator. he was named vice president in twoit largely on the strength of his debating performances. it isn't like he had won a bunch of primaries. yet there's a funny thing that happens with joe biden in between as people got an impression of him and he comes out and what biden is particularly good at and what ryan is unable to counter is biden wields authority well. i've known bb for 35 years. >> i was there. >> i was in the room. and that for a guy who looks even younger than he is like ryan was devastating. >> let's listen to joe biden talki
of the united states of america. he has a lot on his mind. there are a lot of different issues he needs to take command of. what i'm saying is he has a command of the facts. paul rain -- >> no, he didn't, tracy. he didn't. >> i'm glad you raise it. this will be my final point for both of you. christie, one fact that i need you to comment on for sure, was the information that came out in those hearings on libya, requests for security and an unfolding of a tragedy. and the vice president said he had no knowledge, he almost said they had no knowledge of a request for security, but those cables have been released. was he not briefed on that? >> all right, jamie, here is what you need to know about the situation in benghazi. republicans, led by paul ryan, house republicans, have cut diplomatic security funding. they have cut embassy security funding. and more important -- >> crestty, you are not answering the question. you are not answering the question. >> what you are seeing is the second in command. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> the republican party -- >> christie, did the skies president tell the tr
of the united states has not done enough to protect the u.s. economy from china's alleged currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. at each event today, mitt romney and paul ryan have been trying to thump mr. obama for his absence of leadership on this, they say. here is a sampling from earlier today at mr. romney's convenient in portsmouth, ohio. >> over the past several years, the president failed to call china a currency manipulator. he had the occasion on friday to come out with that official designation. you know what they said? we're not going to make any determination until after the election. let me tell you, on day one of my administration, i will label china a currency manipulator. >> here in ohio, that is a particularly potent attack because the manufacturing base had taken such a hit over the past few years, both in the obama economy and before. paul ryan was campaigning today in youngtown, ohio. he made the point that mr. obama has had a number of chances to take steps to crack down on china and passed on them. watch. >> the administration had their eighth chance to label c
's move to issue number one here in the united states. the economy. the obama campaign flatly says you're lying. lying about the cost of your tax plan, you're proposed tax reforms. so far you haven't released a lot of specifics about eliminating various loopholes or you've said your tax cuts would be revenue neutral you wouldn't add to the deficit. let's go through how you would do that. specifically home mortgage deductions, charitable mortgage contributions. are you ready to remove those? what's going on? >> well, i've made pretty clear that my prirnls are number one simplify the code. number two, create incentives for small and large businesses to grow. number three, don't reduce the burden on high income taxpayers. and number four, remove the burden somewhat for middle income people. i don't want to raise taxes on any group of americans. those are the principles. at the same time how we carry them out would be lowering the tax rate across the board and making up for that, both with additional growth and with putting a limit on deductions and exemptions, particularly for people at t
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